It is with great sadness that we inform that our countryman and Founder of Seigokan Brazil, Luís Pedruco Sensei passed away today, March 9, 2010.
Pedruco Sensei succumbed to a severe and galloping brain tumor, detected in October 2009.
Just recently, in August 2009, he was in Italy visiting Francesco Cuzzocrea Shihan from Italy Seigokan, in Reggio Calabria.
Luís Alberto da Silva Pedruco was a contemporary of José Martins Achiam Shihan and one of his former students.
In 1970 immigrated to Brazil and there founded the Seigokan of Brazil, together with Acaio Sensei.
It was a great person.
Peace to his soul.

AKSM Editorial Staff
After a short period of training with Sensei Che from AKSM Seigokan Macau, a Delegation of Iran Karatedo Masters from Goju-Kai, led by Abadi Shihan, joined Seigokan. Iran has now a Seigokan branch.
See here the Official Iran Seigokan Blog: http://seigokan.blogfa.com/

AKSM Editorial Staff

The Macau Karatedo Federation Congress held on 29th December elected the new Directing Committee for the period 2009-2010
The election results are as follows:
President:                    Che Kuong Im
1st Vice President:   Arnaldo Gomes de Sousa
2nd Vice President: Chan Chao Ieong
3rd Vice President:  Victor Chan
1st Secretary:              Miguel do Rosario Sequeira
2nd Secretary:            Cheong Seng Iam
Treasurer:                    Chan Chi San
Member:                       Vong Long Peng
Member:                        Mou Kuong Hoi


It is with great sadness to inform you that one of our senior member of Seigokan has passed away today (2008-09-23). Mr Jose Martins ACHIAM (1944-2008) passed away this morning after suffering from a severe stroke. Mr Achiam (7th Dan) joined Seigokan in 1967 and was an Executive Committee member of World Karate Federation (WKF), Secretary-General of Asian Karatedo Federation (AKF), President of Macau Karatedo Federation, Director & Overseas Head Director (Macau) of Japan Seigokan. He will be remembered for his 40+ years contribution in karatedo and may he rest in peace.

Bill Mok (AKF Vice President)


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