It is with great sadness to inform you that one of our senior member of Seigokan has passed away today (2008-09-23). Mr Jose Martins ACHIAM (1944-2008) passed away this morning after suffering from a severe stroke. Mr Achiam (7th Dan) joined Seigokan in 1967 and was an Executive Committee member of World Karate Federation (WKF), Secretary-General of Asian Karatedo Federation (AKF), President of Macau Karatedo Federation, Director & Overseas Head Director (Macau) of Japan Seigokan. He will be remembered for his 40+ years contribution in karatedo and may he rest in peace.

Bill Mok (AKF Vice President)

Prof.Giuseppe Romano
10/5/2008 12:02:20 am

Dear Secretary General AKSM

I would want to make public my felt condolences for the premature loss of a great man and master Mr Jose Martins Achiam more. The I have known personally give approximately 5 years from when I had had the assignment from the Philippine Federation of Tecnical Director and what it has made an impression to me that was a man to of over of the parts and just. It will be gave an irreplaceable loss.

Mr. Jose Martins Achiam thanks for being existed ............
Prof.Giuseppe Romano
Italian coach National team Philippines


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